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Design Classic Number 42: Twister Game

In Design, Design Classics on July 13, 2013 at 2:18 pm

TwisterImage by Steven Snodgrass

Twister Continues to Turn Heads and More


Creator:  Charles Foley
Created: 1966
Origin: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

I decided to write this in honor of Charles Foley, whose death at the age of 82, on July 1st 2013, was announced today. Twister is a game, which involves having to place a specified hand or foot, on a particular color of dot, on a large mat, printed with large colored dots laid out on the floor. The specified hand or foot and color of dot, is determined by spinning a pointer on a printed board.

The Twister game fulfilled a need for Charles Foley’s company to diversify into the games industry. The creation of Twister happened in 1966 and became instantly popular after the game was featured in an episode of the Tonight show with Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor in the same year, where they played the game together on the show.

Design and production originated in St. Paul, Minnesota where Charles Foley had moved to, to take the job, that led to the creation of ‘Twister’. Charles Foley was an avid inventor who designed from a young age and after that for many years to come. Charles Foley’s will be remembered most for his classic design and it’s enduring popularity over many years and it’s appeal to all ages.

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