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Design Classic Number 41: Brighton Beach Deck Chair

In Design, Design Classics on July 10, 2013 at 1:53 am

Deck ChairImage by spjwebster

Deck Chair Doubles Up as a Dutiful Design Classic


Creator:  John Thomas Moore
Created: 1886
Origin: Macclesfield, UK

The origin of the humble deck chair, in it’s most common form, of hinged, interlocking, rectangular, wooden frames with brightly colored, striped canvas seat  is prolific where ever  sun and sea are in abundance. It can be carried flat and with a little practice can be assembled in a few simple steps and the level of inclination, adjusted to individual preference.

The deck chair became increasingly popular, as the working classes flocked to beaches such as Brighton where deck chairs were rented by the day. Although folding wooden chairs in various forms have been known since Egyptian times, it wasn’t until 1886 that the current form was patented and manufactured in quantity for customers such as Brighton Beach and even the Titanic.

First production, of the classic deck chair, took place in Macclesfield, near Manchester in the UK in line with it’s significance as a centre of the industrial revolution. The creator of the deck chair John Thomas Moore deserves credit, through his patent for standardizing the design and bring it to the masses in such a practical and enduring form.


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