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Design Classic Number 38: Emeco 1006 Navy Chair

In Design Classics, Furniture on July 6, 2013 at 4:36 pm

Emeco Aluminium Navy ChairImage by Allesok

Everlasting Emeco in More Ways Than One


Creator: Wilton Carlyle Dinges
Created: 1944
Origin: Hanover, Pennsylvania

I couldn’t help but notice a shining example of the Emeco 1006 Aluminum Navy Chair on the popular Dr. House TV series. This heavy duty, multi purpose, hand fabricated, aluminum chair was born out of the US Navy’s need for a robust yet lightweight chair appropriate for standard issue on aircraft carriers and submarines.

The Emeco 1006 Navy Chair is still made in the USA, by hand, through a 77 step process which includes, among others, folding, forming, welding, heat treating, anodizing and grinding. Design and production started in 1944 and was ramped up massively after a successful demonstration to the US navy where by a sample chair was thrown from an eighth floor window without damage except for some superficial scratches.

Emeco is still based in Hanover, Pennsylvania in the North Eastern United States and serves as a testament to the work of Wilton Carlyle Dinges, master tool and die maker, who created the 1006 with such strength and beauty that it can be guaranteed for 150 years and is set to become an enduring American design classic. As well as a technical background Dinges apparently had an appreciation for the work of sculptor Rodin which may account for the successful marriage of strength and beauty in the Emeco 1006 Aluminium Navy Chair.


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