Peter Farran

Design Classic Number 37: Sigg Bottle

In Design Classics on December 21, 2011 at 7:47 pm

Sigg Drinks Bottle Image by Twon

Unbeatable Reuseable Bottle from Biel


Creator: Ferdinand Sigg
Created: 1908
Origin: Biel Switzerland

The Sigg classic traveller drinks bottle is a lightweight, aluminium beverage container with a tightly fitting looped screw top and translucent enamel coating in red. The Sigg bottle was born out of the need for a lightweight, unbreakable durable bottle for taking on climbing and hiking trips. Aluminium was the perfect choice and suitable for anodizing.

The first bottles were made in Biel Switzerland in 1908 and then later production moved to Frauenfeld in 1917. Production of the aluminium bottles continues to this day in Frauenfeld Switzerland employing skilled local workers. Sigg bottles are sent to customers the world over who appreciate the practical design and the high quality Swiss workmanship and attention to detail.

Ferdinand Sigg developed and refined the technique where by a cylindrical puck of aluminium could be progressively formed into the shape of a bottle and in more recent years refinements have been made to the linings and coatings to further improve performance and efficiency in production. The Swiss reputation for quality and the authenticity of a product which originates from a country of mountains makes for an iconic product particularly in it’s distinctive red translucent finish.


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