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Daily Design Classic Number 35: Moleskine Notebook

In Design Classics on December 19, 2011 at 9:20 pm

Moleskine NotebookImage from Pittaya

Take Notes and Make Sketches Like the Greats

Creator: Moleskine Srl
Created: 1997
Origin: Milan Italy

The Moleskine is a pocket sized, leatherette bound notebook with an elasticated black closure and a black ribbon bookmark fixed into the spine. The Moleskine was born out of the need for a notebook that would stay compact and closed in the pocket and not fall open when placed on a table the built in bookmark saves time when making a new note or sketch.

The Moleskine was first popularized in Paris in the 19th and 20th centuries by the many artists and writers of the times. In the late eighties production was ceased temporarily until a small Milanese company produced a batch of 5000 which were soon depleted in the Italian market alone.

The original Milanese company Modo & Modo which made the initial batch of Moleskines decided to focus on increasing production to meet demand within Europe and beyond and since this was now becoming their main ativity decided to register and start trading under the Moleskine name which is now a wdeg oy recognized brand. The books are made with environmentally friendly acid free paper and stitched at the spine to allow the pages to lay flat while sketching or writing. Famous users of the original Parisian Moleskines included Hemmingway, Picasso and Oscar Wilde.

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