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Swedish Angel Chimes

In Design Classics on October 31, 2011 at 9:38 pm

Image by pahlkadot

Traditional Christmas Charm Without a Trip to IKEA

Creator: Anderson & Boberg
Created: 1948
Origin: Gefle, Sweden

Liking Ikea as we do, it may not be the quickest route to the simple, traditional Christmases of times past. The Swedish Angel Chimes however may offer a small taste of exactly that. Swedish Angel Chimes consist of a collection of carefully made brass parts which are easily and quickly assembled to make a candle powered table top mobile. A trio of cherub like angels describe a circle as they turn striking a pair or chimes to create a gentle ringing sound. The chimes were created in 1948 for a simpler, cleaner, well more Swedish aesthetic than seen in earlier German chimes based upon the same principle dating from 1906 and probably much earlier than that.

Until recently the chimes were still made at the original factory in the port of Gefle, Sweden and now are produced to the same specification in Turkey using the same equipment and processes. There are also many look a likes originating from China which are based on the same principle but don’t quite match the Swedish design of 1948. The design was popularized by Anderson & Boberg who continued production for over 60 years with only minor refinements to the original classic design.

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