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Fermob Bistro Folding Chair

In Design Classics on October 23, 2011 at 1:07 pm

Fermob Bistro Folding Chair
Fermob Bistro Folding Chair

Creator: Bernard Reybier
Created: 1989
Origin:  Thoissey, France

The Fermob Bistro chair is a folding outdoor chair made from powder coated steel available in wide range of modern and traditional colours. The chair was created in response to the need for a chair that was more easily mass produced and transported in the face of  the increasing popularity of plastic garden furniture. The chairs are produced using modern fabrication techniques using ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly methods.

Although the original metal working shop was established in 1889 by a lone craftsman in Thoissey, specialising in the production of iron gates, production eventually moved to Saint-Didier-sur-Chalaronne under the direction of Bernard Reybier where the Bistro chair was made on a greater scale using mass production techniques but still in a traditional style using traditional techniques and materials. The success of the Bistro chair has allowed this iconic design to be produced indigenously in France for an increasing numbers of customers further and further a field with large numbers of chairs being exported around the world most notably for Times Square and Harvard University in the United states. Popularity is due to further grow since the Bistro chair is long lasting, completely recyclable and is undeniably chic.


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