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Nelson Ball Clock

In Design Classics on August 28, 2011 at 7:48 pm

Wall Clock with Balls

Creator: George Nelson
Created: 1948
Origin: Zeeland, Michigan, USA.

Well if you have any kind of affection for the optimism of the fifties and it’s cheerful, futuristic designs then you’ll love the Nelson Ball clock. The technicolored wooden balls cast interesting shadows and the hands are bold and playful, almost cartoon like in style. The clock looks as though it might have been taken from a scene from a ‘Jetsons’ episode but the colors are harmonious and the design simple enough to look great in most modern interiors. The ball clock is said to have been created after catching the eye of George Nelson who discovered a sketch of the design after a dinner party attended by fellow designers Isamu Noguchi, Harper Irving and Buckminster Fuller any of whom might have had the original inspiration for the ball clock.

The Nelson Ball clock first went into production in 1948 in Zeeland, Michigan, USA and is now manufactured to the original specification under license in Poland by Vitra. George Nelson was an award winning architect and writer and is said to have started his architectural and design career after ducking in to the architecture department building during a heavy rain shower while an undergraduate at Yale University.

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