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Preppy but with Pedigree

In Design Classics on August 8, 2011 at 3:05 am

Sperry Top-Siders
Sperry Top-Siders Boat Shoes

Creator: Paul Sperry
Created: 1935
Origin: Connecticut, USA.

Well I’ve always liked boat shoes and couldn’t pass up a visit to the sea faring, North East coast of the US without picking up a pair of the authentic original Sperry Top-Siders. The distinctive moccasin style, with chunky leather laces and metallic eyelets  are instantly recognisable but it wasn’t until I got them home and looked at them more closely that I started thinking about what made them so successful in the first place. At first glance the soles seem to have nothing but a lightly textured rubber surface just like carpet slippers and only when you flex them do you see a very fine herringbone pattern of  slits appear. This novel design came about as a solution to slippery decks and was inspired by the patterned paw pads of his pet spaniel ‘Prince’. The slits are individually razor cut to achieve the necessary fineness.

The first shoes were produced by Sperry in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1935 for sailing enthusiasts, then Abercrombie & Fitch and then the US Navy and now for people from all walks of life and all around the globe.

More Images, Reviews and: Buy from Amazon US


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