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Fiestaware Coffee Mug in Red

In Classics on August 6, 2011 at 8:51 pm

Fiestaware 18 oz Jumbo Coffee Mug in Scarlet Red
Fiestaware Coffee Mug in Red

Creator: Frederick Hurten Rhead
Created: 1936
Origin: Made in America

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The Fiestaware 18 oz Jumbo Coffee Mug in Scarlet Red is an oversized coffee cup from a multi coloured range of crockery. The main attractions to Fiestaware are the striking, lively colors and the ability to mix and match the colors to produce a personalised set of one’s own liking. The classic designs remain the same allowing the odd broken item to be replaced easily. The whole range is made from china clay finished with brightly colored high gloss modern glazes. The idea was born out of a need to offer a colorful modern alternative to the intricately shaped and decorated but conservatively colored Victorian designs popular up until the 1930s.

After initial success in the 1930s the design encountered some hiccups in popularity due to war time austerity, an unfortunate temporary association with a radioactive uranium oxide glaze, and an unsuccessful attempt to offer the popular avocado and Autumn gold colors of the early 1970s. Production ceased in 1973 but was resumed in 1986 and continues to this day after a surge in popularity among china collectors. All Fiestaware is made in America in Newell, West Virgina by 1100 skilled American workers at the Laughlin China Company. Frederick Hurten Rhead, originally from ‘pottery country’, Staffordshire, England has left an enduring legacy which looks set to stand the test of time.


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