Peter Farran

Jacobsen Series 7 Chair

In Classics on April 23, 2011 at 7:49 pm

Jacobsen Series Seven ChairArne Jacobsen Series 7 Chair

Creator: Arne Jacobsen
Created: 1952
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark

The Arne Jacobsen Series 7 Side Chair is refinement on the Ant chair of two years earlier. It is hardwood laminated veneer bent wood dining chair with tubular chromed steel legs. It was designed as a general purpose dining chair which was attractive enough to be used enough in the home and practical enough to stack and be used on a larger scale in commercial situations.

The first series seven chairs were produced in 1955 for production by the Fritz Hansen company who continue to make and hand finish the chairs in their native Denmark. The Series 7 chair was one of the most successful of several collaborative projects with the Fritz Hansen company.

The series seven whilst appearing deceptively simple is actually quite labor intensive to make involving careful selection and matching of strips of veneers, high pressure forming and precision trimming. All of this is done by highly skilled local artisans with decades of experience. After an early interest in art and design Arne Jacobsen was encouraged to study architecture winning several awards while still a student. His work became progressively more recognised in the fields of furniture design and architecture his design for the series 7 chair being one of the most popular and well known.


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