Peter Farran

Mason Cash Mixing Bowl

In Classics on December 30, 2010 at 7:10 pm

Mason Cash Mixing Bowl

Mason Cash Mixing Bowl

Creator: Tom Cash
Origin: Derbyshire UK

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The Mason Cash mixing bowl is a sturdy earthenware household mixing bowl with a cane colored, diamond textured exterior and white interior. The cane coloring of the exterior originates from the local clay at Church Gresley in Derbyshire and the diamond texture helps secure handling during mixing. Earthenware is fired once and then a second time with the glaze.

Mason Cash mixing bowls came about during the early 1900s as the company looked to expand it’s range of products. The white interior ensured cleanliness and the two tone coloring and surface texture gave a sense of lightness to something which in use needed to be fairly heavy.

The Mason Cash mixing bowl enjoyed it’s heyday after the second world war as food once again became more plentiful, working class families more prosperous but before low cost imports became more common. The Mason Cash company was established in 1901 and the first Mason Cash mixing bowls can still be found dating as far back as the 1920s. The master potter at the helm when the Mason Cash Gresley mixing bowl was first produced probably to Thomas Cash, the successor to ‘Bossy’ Mason whose name forms the first part of the famous Mason Cash brand name.


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