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T.G.Green & Co Cornishware

In Classics on December 28, 2010 at 2:08 pm

Cornishware Crockery

Cornishware Crockery

Creator: T.G.Green & Co
Origin: Church Gresley, Derbyshire UK

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T.G.Green & Co Cornishware crockery is a distinctive white and pale blue broad striped range of crockery. The white clay crockery is coated with a pale blue coloured mixture of clay and water. The piece of crockery is then turned while wide bands of colored slip are carefully removed to reveal the distinctive cornishware design beneath.

The design was chosen to distinguish the range from the other crockery being produced in the Derbyshire region of England. The Cornishware name was chosen as a reference to the pale blue ocean and white surf of the Cornish coastline. The range was first introduced in 1926 and updated in the 1960s.

The original Cornishware was produced at a small village called Church Gresley in the heart of  Derbyshire pottery country near the town of Swadlincote and only the name is inspired by the Cornish seaside. The original business was a small affair bought by entrepreneur T.G. Green who grew the business, expanded production, built a larger more modern factory and was responsible for many new products and designs including the world renowned and distictive Cornishware.


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