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Skagen Wrist Watch

In Classics on November 27, 2010 at 6:22 pm

Skagen Signature Watch
Skagen Wrist Watch

Creator: Henrik and Charlotte Jorst
Origin: Skagen, Denmark

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The Skagen Signature watch is a stainless steel cased slimline wrist watch which draws upon Scandinavian values of simple elegant functionality. The watch was born out of a need to produce a sophisticated time piece, with Scandinavian style, using good quality materials at an affordable price. The signature mesh strap watch with dual layered face was one of the first products to be designed after the creation of the company by the husband and wife team of Henrik and Charlotte Jorst in 1989.

Whilst of Danish origins the couple moved to the United States to develop their enterprise and based on their success have opened new headquarters back in their native Denmark. Skagen wrist watches are gaining popularity in Asian countries as well as Europe and the United states. The watches are based on high quality japanese movements with a low maintenance three year battery.

The watch has a highly refined, sophisticatched look and is best suited to occasional use in order to maintain the high standards of surface finish. The Skagen wrist watch is a relatively modern design classic but it’s timeless simple elegance is likely to stand the test of time.


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