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Maglite Flashlight

In Classics on November 7, 2010 at 1:38 pm

Maglite 2 D Cell Flashlight
Maglite 2 D Cell Flashlight

Creator: Anthony Maglica
Year: 1979
Origin: Los Angeles USA

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In 1979 in his Los Angeles workshop Anthony Maglica believed that he could improve upon the lightly made unreliable flashlights of the time. He set about designing a more durable reliable flashlight based on his military and aerospace precision engineering experience to satisfy the uncompromising demands of the police, military, fire service  and other professionals needing a reliable flashlight.

The Maglite is machined from aluminium and knurled for grip. The body is anodized for corrosion resistance and the switch is watertight. A novel mechanism is incorporated into the front of the flashlight which allows the beam to dispersed widely or focused over a small area. A replacement bulb is held in the cap and standard readily available high capacity batteries are used for long lasting and economical use.

The Maglite keeps it’s American pedigree still manufactured in the United States and has found it’s place in American culture used widely by the military and emergency services. The Maglite has found it’s way into countless movies and novels as the definitive dependable flashlight.  It’s affordability makes it just as relevant for home use and very reassuring to have in times of hardship and crisis.


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