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Anglepoise Lamp

In Classics on October 31, 2010 at 1:42 pm

Anglepoise Lamp
Anglepoise Lamp

Creator: George Carwardine
Year: 1934
Origin: Bath, England

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In 1934, in his own car suspension workshop in Bath England, George Cawardine discovered an interesting suspension mechanism which allowed full three dimensional movement of an articulated arm and yet retained the exact position in which it was placed. He envisioned the mechanism being used to support a task lamp which could be used on the production line in his own workshop and then as a general purpose workshop task light.

After starting small scale production there proved to be great demand for his  new invention prompting him to approach the Terry Spring Company of Redditch with whom he’d worked previously. Mass production of the flexible task light which was to be come known as the Anglepoise lamp was started. Cawardine further refined the concept resulting in a simpler three spring model for more general office use.

To satisfy demand in Mainland Europe an agreement was made with Luxo of Norway to manufacture the lamp for European and later US markets. It became ubiquitous within the offices of architects and designers which led to it becoming a natural subject for one of the first animated movies made by Pixar studios. It is now recognized widely as a true design classic.


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