Peter Farran

View Master Classic Model L

In Classics on August 29, 2010 at 8:29 am

Fisher Price Viewmaster Classic

View Master Classic Model L

Creator: Sawyer’s Photo Services
Created: 1939
Origin: United States

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The Fisher Price View Master Classic model L is a stereoscopic or 3D viewer of photographic images. The images are printed in pairs onto transparent film which can be viewed sequentially by pressing a lever at the side of the viewer. The viewers are now marketed to children although the viewers will still view any of the discs ever created.

The original discs were 3D alternatives to postcards but discs have been created for the US military, Disney characters, cult TV shows such as Star Trek and Movies such as ET. The View Master concept has had many owners and the design has undergone many modifications but the basic concept remains the same with a lever on the side for mechanically advancing the images and a slot for accepting the circular disc. The specification for the disc remains unchanged so every viewer will still view every disc.

The viewer was born to fulfill the need for a simple inexpensive viewer for stereoscopic 3D images. Popularity has been maintained since the original partnership of photographers William Gruber and Harold Graves led to production of the first Model A viewers in Portland, Oregon, USA.


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