Peter Farran

Canon Digital Ixus

In Classics on August 18, 2010 at 4:26 pm

Canon Digital IXUS 100 IS Silver
Canon Digital Elph/Ixus

Creator: Canon
Created: June 2000
Origin: Japan

The Canon Digital Elph also known as Ixus in Europe is a high quality digital camera based on a film based camera of the same name which used a new at the time Advanced Photo System. Soon after it’s launch Canon pioneered the new digital camera technology which fitted very well with the highly compact minimalist design that was the hallmark of the Elph/Ixus. Designers Yasushi Shiotani and Seiichi Omino were responsible for the off centre circle in a rectangle which has become the hallmark of this enduring design classic and for the uncompromising insistence on maintaining compactness. Innovations such as the inbuilt motion sensor are incorporated sensitively only when genuinely useful and always with a simplicity and elegance  which has always stayed true to the original concept. The Ixus is a camera small enough to be taken where eever you go. It doesn’t have the light gathering capaility of the Canon Digital EOS but it’ll always take excellent pictures and videos with the utmost simplicity. The camera can be bought with a purpose made leather case, magnetic closure and embossed logo which will extend the camera’s already legendary longevity.


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