Peter Farran

Cotton Khakis

In Classics on August 11, 2010 at 12:27 pm

Dockers Khakis
Cotton Khakis

Creator: British Indian Army
Origin: India

Khaki Trousers or ‘Khakis’ are casual trousers made mainly from tightly woven cotton of a sandy slightly dusty color. Khaki came from the name of the color adopted for uniforms by the British Indian Army. The word Khaki comes from the Indian word for dust colored. Similar Khaki’s were later adopted by American soldiers serving in the Philippines. These were made commonly in China leading to them developing the nickname of Chinos (Spanish for Chinese). The usage of the terms Khakis and Chinos have become blurred but if anything Chinos are seen as being slightly dressier probably with pleats and the Khakis having a simpler more original flat front. In the 1950’s Khakis and Chinos started to become widespread smart, casual wear due to their affordability, comfort, durability and smart but not so stiff appearance.

Khakis have established themselves as design classics being consistently popular since the 1950s. They are made by various brands throughout the world in a range of colors but the Dockers brand offers a style true to the original with some welcome innovations at an affordable price.

Having at least one pair of Khakis is useful for those many occasions when people aren’t sure how dressy or casual they should be. They are suitable for year round wear and maintain popularity as fashions change.


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