Peter Farran

Swiss Army Knife

In Classics on March 13, 2010 at 1:33 pm

Swiss Army Knife Classic SD Swiss Army Knife

Creator: Victorinox
Origin: Switzerland

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The Victorinox classic SD Swiss Army Knife was born out of a need for an everyday pocket knife that would appeal to almost everyone. A pocket knife no bigger than a key fob that could be carried constantly as opposed to the ever popular Swiss Champ which is more suited to a camping trip and the officer which is a aimed at the every day needs of the Swiss military. Everyday tasks such as snipping the tag of store bought item, trimming and filing a broken nail, tightening a loose screw or removing a splinter.

Whilst more affordable than many models it still has the same attention to detail and precision in manufacture. It’s environmental and ethical credentials are second to none with high standards being followed at it’s family owned factory in Ibach Switzerland.

It’s instantly recognisable and admired universally despite it’s diminutive size. It has accompanied astronauts on space missions and is one of the few consumer products allowed into the simple spiritual life of the Dalai Lama. Perhaps the definitive design classic and a design which all designers should aspire to. The metaphor of the Swiss Army Knife is used frequently to convey a products quality, ease of use and simple multi-functionality.


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