Peter Farran

Swiss Railway Watch

In Classics on March 13, 2010 at 1:21 pm

Mondaine Swiss Railway Watch Classic Swiss Railway Watch

Creator: Mondaine
Year: 1986
Origin: Switzerland

The Mondaine Swiss Railway watch is a wrist watch inspired by the clock found on Swiss railway platforms since the 1940s. The railway clock was very distinctive yet simple and very clear to read. It was only a matter of time before people saw the need for the same design to be available in wrist watch form particularly to those who valued the spirit of punctuality and reliability personified by the Swiss railway network.

Although the Swiss Railway Clock was created much earlier the watch didn’t come into production until 1986 at a time when the adage time is money was never more prevalent.  It’s popularity continues as people increasingly value longevity. Production continues in Switzerland where parts are assembled with the latest equipment and the highest standards in sustainable manufacture. The original idea and design came from Hans Hilfiker a Swiss railway engineer. Apart from the minimalist easy to read face he incorporated a unique feature where by the second hand would pause before reaching its destination each minute and wait for a signal sent over the power grid. This small but significant detail illustrated the lengths to which the Swiss would go to in the name of precision and punctuality. A recent classic set to stand the test of time.


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